Thursday, November 17, 2016

Letting Judas Down

We all did. We all came from
Galilee and he from some place
down south near the City of Moab.

We didn’t mean to shut him out,
but we understood each other –
all being Galileans as Jesus was,
so when Judas didn’t get what we said
and when he called Jesus “Teacher”
instead of “Lord,” we just figured
he had a different way of talking.

To let him know we trusted him,
we put him in charge of finances –
never connecting that job to what
Jesus said about choosing between
serving God or serving money.

I guess he chose money – a lousy
thirty silver coins in exchange
for identifying Jesus as The One
we followed – The Life exchanged
for death at the price of a slave.

Later, we heard Judas felt bad
about what he’d done, but even
the priests wouldn’t absolve him
or take the money back. When he
realized Jesus wouldn’t be crowned
with anything but thorns, he hated
himself too much to live. He forgot
that Jesus– knowing what would
happen, still called him “Friend.”

Some friend, I say, but then we all
betrayed the Lord although we knew
He was more than a Rabbi, more than
a teacher, more than anyone’s slave.

by Mary Harwell Sayler



  1. I like the way you Get the Point across...As though we are there, with Jesus 😍😇☝👣💜

  2. Praise the Lord! Thank you, Julie. God bless.